Vicious Enterprises History Lesson
Vicious Enterprises was started in 1985 as the brain child of two enterprising good looking young men. Formed mainly as a dumping ground for a wide variety of creative projects, it also provided a neat sounding name to attach to our work. Things haven't changed much over the years.

Orignally Vicious Enterprises went hand in hand with our band Basement Autopsy then morphed into a name that we could also put on artwork, short stories, and computer work. With almost a twenty year history there isn't much for which The Vicious Enterprises name has not been used. This website is our largest attempt at taking over the world.

The two founding members The Malignant Tumor and The Death Priest have very diverse backgrounds. Both have very stong computer skills and musical backgrounds. Although I will say, The Malignant Tumor has a much broader view of the music than The Death Priest. Since both are married with kids and own their own homes, certain carpentry skills and electrical skills have been gained over the years. Sadly, both work full time jobs for the MAN and must act as corporate sluts, being nice, polite, and lemming like during the day.

The Vicious Enterprises Dart League was formed in 1990 along with two other folks... Wild Arms, and The Nineteen Hard-Ass. The dart league lasted about five or six years playing and drinking on a weekly basis. Various members fluctuated in and out of the group (including The Puswart). Every once and awhile we still get together to play again (and Drink). Though I think we keep our dart skills honed. Vicious Enterprises has had several local type web sites over the years (Including the Vicious Enterprises Dart League), but all have been removed for THE ONE BIG ONE.

In 2003, while dining at a Chinese joint with a couple of artsy fartsys, the discussions turned to how the MAN just kept taking money from everyone. Soon we were discussing making t-shirts and figuring out a way where we could become the man. Then out of the blue we decided; FUCK that, we gotta little jack, lets do it for nothing, make it free. Give artists the place we didn't have and don't be the MAN. Most artists start out poor right? Let's put in all this work for no good reason except for the people who want to promote their shit ya' know? Not a new concept, just a rare one.

BLOG and REBAR were forced to join the ride because of their high and mighty Masters Degrees and not to mention the fact that they can draw some cool picures. In reality they're both fucking hot!!! So now we have some kick ass artists to help with the bitch of the site (the graphics) and two computer guys to type away for a year or so. TA-DA. Your looking at it.

Our hope is to take over the world really. But we would like to get this site popular with the true artists, the people who won't kiss ass to get noticed, who won't Suck off the MAN, and who believe in what they do. Not just shock value but Lifestyle. We all do what we have to do to get buy, yet, some choose to kiss ass because they like the taste of shit.

Oh yeah, another primary that needs mentioned is PUSWART. The mad promoting machine in Augusta. Hail! (TDP RIP) ************************************************************************************************************* Fast forward to 2012 Sadly one of the driving forces behind the machine passed away in December of 2006. Hail to the mighty Death Priest! We miss you daily. We have, however, as you would have wanted, moved forward and have NOT put the damn couches on the damn front porch! ************************************************************************************************************* Blog, Rebar,the Puswart, and I (The Malignant Tumor) are still battling the woes of the daily grind and entrapments, but creating as we go. For a short period we were all living with about 10 to 15 miles of each other and cranking out shit loads of creativity from Pleasant Valley Studios. 2011 - RIP now to PVS, and new door has opened at Temple (of the Golden Calf) studios. Life is what you make it, so if you don't like the view from the couch, get up, move yourselves, and create!!!!!

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