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I think about suicide more than I eat. My best friend is cigarette. But she cares more for lighter than me. Get her next to a beer and she want's to be lit all the time. There's no controlling the bitch. The voices in my head argue. When they all get going it's complete caos! I don't dare get involved unless they pull me in. Outsiders that witness this event will forever have something to tell their grandkids. It's not pretty. I recently moved to New mexico from Seattle. You can find out more by visiting my site. Even more by just simply asking me! Now I need to thank Puswort for being the aswome person that he is. And his lovely significant other for being there as well. It's people like that, that make the world a better place. For some news here, I am in the process of recording the best stuff I have ever written. I have changed the name associated with my music. It is now Deceitful Wishes. Check myspace. I'll be posting new stuff soon.
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