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Originally formed in 1993, the band from Oslo, Norway marked their return from the abyss in 2004 with the release of Six Track Metal Attack, which received first-class reviews by Sweden Rock Magazine and for portraying a distinct and direct classic heavy metal style, so much needed in todays rather static metal scene. Various kick-arse gigs followed in 2005, including a seven-day German Tour during which Hjallarhorn co-headlined with The Shitheadz (now known as Motorjesus) at the Metal Race in Viersen and the Independent Rock Concert in Wegberg. Their back-to-the-roots approach and energetic stage performance was well received by both the audience and the local music press with demands for their return. On home turf, Hjallarhorn played the Rock Bottom/ Muddy Waters in Oslo, the renowned Quart Festival in Kristiansand, the Metal Massacre Festival and the Mandatory Festival in Oslo. Musically, their edgy guitar sound and melodic vocals are a far cry from the indistinguishable metal masses of today, whose mind-numbing low-end, high-gain Triple Rectifier hysteria is contested only by the occasional grunts and screams of the vocalist.Their recent demo Trilogy of Lightning takes the fundamental musical concept of Six Track Metal Attack to the next level with even edgier guitars and a sound so raw it is riddled with e-coli.
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