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I'm a professional freelance artist based in Singapore who have been doing illustration since 1992. After high school I grabbed my diploma in Graphic Design from an art institution in Singapore - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 1989. But soon in 1992 I realised illustration is my strength and the way to go. I'm most commissioned by the local advertising agencies in Singapore as an illustrator. You can view those commercial valued artwork here but don't go there now, coz you are here for metal stuff!!! I'm very effective in manual drawing but it seems I've moved to a better way of doing things. I prefer to illustrate with Painter software and Adobe Photoshop unless a buyer request their work to be painted manually on canvas coz they have big money for that. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to buy artwork. Our Rate: To commission artwork / illustration for CD cover: price starts at USD 100.00 (but we do not support any form of pornography) To commission for photo retouching and assembling: price starts at USD 10.00 To prepare print ready material for your printer for a simple CD cover, layout, inlay, back cover: price starts at USD 80.00
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