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Cessation Of Life - Since 1996 Music style - High Velocity Speed Metal -¯ Full CDs Released Aggressive By Nature / Destructive By Choice (1998), Kill You Again (2002), Cessation Of LIFE - Hollywood¯ (2003), Path Of Totality (2008), Best Of...1996-2006 (2008). EP CDs Released - Cessation Of Life (1996), 3 Songs For 2000 (2000), The Glory Of The World Is Passing (2005). Cessation Of Life has been on many compilation CD's including Children Of The Damned - Tribute to Iron Maiden (2000 Adrenaline Records Italy) and most recently Metal Maniac's Magazine - Promo (September 2008 USA). Bands Opened For - Testament, The Haunted, Hirax, Impelliteri, Six Feet Under, Deicide, Hammer Fall, Fire House, Drain STH, Death, Morbid Angel, Galactic Cowboys, Grip Inc, Nile, Alabama Thunder Pussy, DC4 and Obituary plus many more. Cessation Of Life plays their own brand of High Velocity Speed Metal¯ bringing a level of professional attitude and musicianship to their live performances. Featuring Chris Violence (Vocals), Marty Mostad (Guitars), Justin Harrison (Bass) and Ron Ostlund (Drums). Cessation Of Life has toured the US many times, opened for world renowned bands and recorded in New York with Grammy Award winning record producer John Seymour (Santana, U2, Biohazard). C.O.L. is proudly endorsed by Gary Kramer Guitars and Rotosound Strings.
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