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"RAGEN GAGEN" is the next heavy metal juggernaut.we are a band of teenage brothers, ages 16 & 17 years old,we're from Waldron Arkansas. we have been playing music from the age of 9,Dillon Gage,guitar and vocals 16,twin brother Derrick Gage,bass 16,Devin Gage,drums,17,inspired by father and bands like metallica,megadeath,motley crue,we've recently finished with our final cut of our debut album, "FREAKS OF NATURE" featured songs: "EVERY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE""SINISTER CHEMISTRY""SASQUATCH","OVERDRIVE", "FREAKS OF NATURE",AND"LOVE IS ENOUGH" OUR DISC IS GOING TO PRESS IN EARLY JUNE,LOOK FOR IT ON www,,,,,, , thanx and don't forget to rage on! as a "RAGEN GAGEN" WOULD
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