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The Bulgarian melodic death/black metal band CLAYMORE is formed in the summer of 1999 in the city of Rouse. Founding members are Kamen (drums, ex-VIPER), Martyn (guitar, ex-VOMITORY) and Velislav (bass, ex-VIPER). Since then the band joined Tsvetelin (keyboards, ex-IK-1) and vocalist Svetoslav (ex-Coprophag) to form the current line up. CLAYMORE quickly became popular among Bulgarian fans with unique and pure style of melodic death/black metal combining aggression and melody in one with influences from other styles like heavy,thrash,grind as well as a good amount of classical music. Their first ever performance is in September 1999 to start a long tour in many cities across Bulgaria captivating audiences everywhere. This earns them a place at the biggest Bulgarian Underground Music Festival (Bourgas 2000). At the end of 2000 CLAYMORE record their first demo tracks quickly followed by a demo CD tilled Warriors of Claymore which is posted on many web magazines and played on radio shows in Bulgaria and abroad. During 2002 CLAYMORE worked hard on the saund quality for the recording of the actual demo Released including 5 songs. These songs represent their style and part of their live shows. CLAYMORE's remarkable popularity and success earns them a place in "Trash till Death", "Heatework festival", "Heart Rock festival", "Chaos fest", "Massacre Fest", "Open Air Legasy Fest", "Barock Fest", "Nightmare Fest", etc. where they played alongside well known international bands like Destruction (Germany), Mystic Circle (Germany), Napalm death (UK), Sinister (Netherlands), Parricide (Poland), The Claymore (Germany), x-Lord Belial (Sweden), Graveworm (Italy), Apostasy (Sweden), Eastern Front (UK), Carnal (Poland), Acid Rain (Germany), Spiritual Ravishment (Romania), Izegrim (Netherlands), Spoil Engine (Belgium), Gothic (Romania), Diary About My Nightmares (Germany), Disdained (Serbia), Cilice (Netherlands). They were also included in the list of Rock City Open Air where they were to play with Immortal (NO), Amon Amarth (Swe), etc. CLAYMORE is currently signed to D.O.P. (BG), Forces of Satan (NO), Toxity Records (BG).
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