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Artist's BIO: After the demise of a previous project left Derek Butler and Tim Gertsch to fend for themselves, they immediately set to work writing new material. The direction was most definitely metal. Heavy, hard, groovy metal in the vein of so many of their personal influences. Drawing inspiration from modern as well as classic thrash and death bands, as well as a little hair metal, power metal and black metal, the pair began writing songs, and within a month had completed what would be called "Black Pursuit", a song from Derek's vampiric mind, about a lusty vampire's pursuit of a maiden caught wandering about during the night. Feeling that what they had could definitely go places, it was time for a name. They finally settled on Bloodsoldier. Blood for Derek's love of dark, vampiric lore, and soldier for Tim's love of good old thrash and carnage. On to the writing board. The next song completed was Class Dismembered, written about the events surrounding the Columbine High shooting. Being that it was only Tim and Derek, it was time to fill out the line-up. By a lucky twist of fate, friend of Tim's wife Heather was married to a bass player. Sparky Lopez was approached about the idea, and was hesitant at first. A few weeks later, he accompanied Tim to practice and was shown the material. On that fateful day Sparky Lopez signed away his mortal soul to the Bloodsoldier. Impaler's Gift would be the first song written by all three members of Bloodsoldier. The band is currently in the process of writing more material for their first album, tentatively entitled, The Sum of All Sins. Look for them to playing out by the end of summer 2010!! Read more:
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