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Hailing from South Africa, STONECOLLAR blend their love of hard rock and metal in such a way that it allows both influences to shine. Raised on the hard rock, grunge and metal scene of the 90's the band also draws tastes from before that time, while still allowing the music to possess a modern sound.While conventional wisdom states that songs should be written for radio, this is something that STONECOLLAR have never conformed to. The music comes first. No templates, rules or restrictions take presedence when it comes to crafting the songs. Every member of the band feels as passionately about music as the fans do. And in this era of internet and social media, the traditional forms of exposure are out and newer, faster and more interconnected mediums are now in place. Internet/satellite radio, podcasts, webzines, blogs, etc -these are the powerful music domains where true music fans reside. And on these platforms the music fan does not want watered-down bits of mainstream rock. They want the real deal, and STONECOLLAR works to deliver on that with everything they do.With a self-produced debut album already under their belts and now stepping up their game in all facets with the new project, -Online Overlord-, STONECOLLAR are looking to take their small footprint in the rock world and make sure that every rocker showing horns knows their name.
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