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RIPIO - NEW AND FIFTH ALBUM -MARCADO POR LA LOCURA- IS READY, EDUARDO COSTANZO (GUITAR, VOCAL, DRUM)BESIDE THE GUEST BASS PLAYER GERARDO CAPURRO AND JUAN ALBARINO (RECORDING TECHNICIAN) EDITED THE NEW ALBUM WITH TEN NEW SONGS. TRACKLIST: 1- MANOS EN LA ESPALDA 2- ¿PORQUE VINISTE? 3- NO DEBI 4- CABALGANDO AL DESTINO 5- 24 AÑOS 6- ¿EN DONDE BUSCARE? 7- A TIEMPO 8- DECIDIR EL FINAL 9- LA JUGADA MAS DIFICIL 10- PARADO EN LA VENTANA RIPIO was born in november (1998) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1-CD CONDENADO A VIVIR (CONDEMNED TO LIVE) 2001, has 8 songs.This cd talk about sadness, loneliness, pain, etc. The hard aspects of life. The music is a mix of all heavy metal, fast songs and slow songs. CD was recorded, mixed and mastered in MIX, with Willy Castillo (guitar player and singer of the legendary group Murdock) in the console. Recorded in 2000 and edited in 2001 by UNDERECORDS. In 2002/2003 RIPIO recorded and edited its second album DURMIENDO EN LA CAMA DE LOS VIVOS (SLEEPING ON THE BED OF THE LIVE) in the studio Sonosfera. Cd has 10 tracks, the music of RIPIO is a mix of all heavy metal (power, hard, trash, etc.), the letters talk about -to be hard in front evils acts, intimate feelings, etc. In April 2006 was edited its 3 cd, EN ALGUNA PARTE DE ESTE MUNDO...VOLVERE (IN SOME WHERE OF THIS WORLD...I WLL COME BACK) recorded in the studio-Sonosfera-with Juan Albarino and Daniel Ibarrart (Sound technicals) in the console. This cd has 12 new song. The fourth cd came in 2009 VENGADOR DE PERDEDORES (AVENGER OF LOOSERS) with 11 new tracks. Cd was recorded in Sonosfera again with Luciano Perez and Juan Albarino in the console. This album come with DVD with images of recording, interview with the technician, photos and video clip. Ripio's music CDs are available for purchase directly through his website.
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