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John Woodson's Leg (JWL) was formed in Pratt, KS in 2009. With metal as the foundation Blake Morrell (bass), HT Brown (guitar) and Dustin Cates (drums) put together a set with Kendall Ray on vocals. After Kendalls departure, JWL continued cutting tracks at Bulletride Studios in Fowler, KS. as well as continued their live shows as a 3 piece. Ricky Vannatta joined the fold and JWL released a demo in 2012. This led to the release of "Exit Inside" in 2013. Current line up: Ricky Vannatta - vox, HT Brown - guitar, Dustin Cates - drums, James Barlow - guitar, Rem Brown - bass. Next album is in the works. (316)992-6440
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