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Vampyre was formed in 1986 by Bill Plummer and Randy Lawson to be part of a battle of the bands competition. The band blew up in popularity and became one of the biggest acts in the area. We recorded an E.P. in '87 and it sold out quickly. A live recording was made in '89 and another full length recording was released in '91.These recordings were produced by the classic lineup of Bill Plummer on vocals, Randy Lawson on lead guitar, Monty Kates on drums, and Dave Maine on rythym guitar, and Ben Wash on bass. The band has been dormant for a few years but a Vampyre never truely dies. There has been a renewed interest in VAMPYRE of late thanks to the tireless efferts of PUSWART and the great WWW. There have even been offers to do shows in Georgia as well as Illinois and Missouri so you never know. Members of Vampyre have also been in Basement Autopsy, Pythagoras, The Ataris, and Ground Zero. Have a beer and enjoy. New UPDATE!!! A New linuep of the band is currently working on revamping some of the classic tunes as well as working on new tunes. Another great development is that VAMPYRE is now a proud member of the HEAVYCORE brotherhood. Things are finally going in a promising direction. A cd containing the first ep and the live tape is currently being put together and should be available soon. The reunion of the classic lineup appears to be out of the question as a member of that lineup has been arrested on 2 felony charges of "sexual misconduct with a minor". We wish him the best and hope that he is cleared of the charges. A reunion show on May28, 2005 was killer and demand for the band has been higher then ever. The current lineup is PUSWART on vocals. I've been forced to look for new members to join so if interested contact me at
Proud to be FUCKING Heavy Core!
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