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Kill the Messenger is an eclectic group of musicians who create music encompassing a vast number of genres. KTM was born on September 20th, 2000. Upon meeting we were sure we had the makings of a great opportunity. We all came from differing music backgrounds, but shared some musical influences and emotions. Once we opened the creative gates, a tidal wave of invention was unleashed. We proceeded to write music feverishly, unable to control the creativity that we had all been forced to hold back in previous bands. After about 6 months, we halted the writing process and began to piece together our masterpieces, choosing to self record everything that we have via a computer. The drum tracks heard on our MP3's were painstakingly created on a drum machine due to the lack of drummers in our area that are into all of the styles we write.The band name was chosen while brainstorming. Our music and lyrics deliver a message to people, but not of things that we have done. So if people share in the anger, we don't want them to be angry at us, for we are the messengers. Expressing emotions of what is happening around us.Our influences are varied. They range from classical to alternative to thrash to death metal to hardcore to a little punk, some grunge, progressive metal, a dash of industrial, ballads, instrumentals, heavy metal, black metal, Gothic, etc, etc, etcÖThe music itself can be described as dark and emotional based on nontraditional chord progressions, time changes, rhythm changes, and blending of genres. Timing is very important to us, in the sense that we want the listener to be on the same emotional battlefield as we were when we were writing the material. To beat them to the ground, pick them back up and have them expect to be plowed down again, only to find that we will dress the wound before the next infliction. Thatís our style. We donít simply construct the songs just for our own entertainment. There is a very prominent and powerful emotion in the music as well as the lyrics. We want others to feel the same way that we do inside, that it may strike the right nerve for someone who needs to vent some pent up aggression, so lyrically we address issues of this world that are largely swept under the carpet. We all have very strong emotions and when called upon it can either open or heal wounds. We are trying to heal the listener as we too use this music as an outlet for therapy. The lyrical topics are not always from our perspective, but in many cases written for those without the voice or courage of expression.
Proud to be FUCKING Heavy Core!
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