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Formed in mid summer 2001 by JIMMIE JONES, with his first solo composition EARLY WARNING. With this song Jimmie recruited JUAN FLORES, former guitarist from Jimmie's earlier project DARK INTENT, to play guitar and do backing vocals. KHRISTINE HANSEN-JONES was then brought in to the fold to play keyboards and operate the sampler. The final key to the line-up was TRAVIS BARBIE on drums. The original line-up played several shows in the area before moving into the studio to record their first demo CD. Upon entering the studio, Travis left the band to pursue other interests. The band finished the recordings with Jimmie doing the drum work, releasing the self-produced album EROSION FACTORY (named after the computer used for recording). The band began playing shows again, with Khristine taking on the responsibility of cueing the drum recordings through the sampler. Several shows later, Juan left to pursue a solo career. Jimmie and Khristine pushed forward and ERODED PRIDE was signed by independent record label JETSPEED RECORDS GROUP in May of 2004. Jimmie and Khristine recorded the album SURVIVING RENO (The Biggest Little Headache) with producer / engineer PATRICK BURKHOLDER (POWERMAN 5000 / UNION UNDERGROUND) at MASTER GROOVES STUDIOS in Los Angeles. MATT COUNCIL was brought in to replace Juan on guitar and backing vocals during live performances and left the band after a brief west coast tour. As of late the band has been busy scoring movies and working on new material, putting touring on the back burner for the moment. The band has brought on TIM GERTSCH for guitars and backing vocals. Stay tuned! The future is NOW.
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