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Pitchfork Bio In the fall of 2003 Damon Black was attending the Indianapolis Art Academy when he met Joe Zito. Joe was in search of the sickest metal guitar player he could find to form a gargantuan metal band and Damon was working on a project that involved writing music with a vocalist, but was looking to do something a lot heavier. Pitchfork emerged and took shape over the next several months as Damon and Joe created their unique approach to Heavy Metal and searched in vain for a vocalist that could match the breadth and complexity of the twisted sonic assault that by now earmarked Pitchfork's unmistakable sound. Their music grew and took shape in the absence of vocals to the point where it really didn't matter and more true to their name Pitchfork rolled out their two pronged attack to the public near the end of 04' with the release of their first EP and several live performances at some of the heavy friendly venues around central Indiana. Feedback has been exellent and with the momentum now generated Pitchfork plans to release a new CD yet this year and will no doubt be playing a show near you that you will not want to miss. Pitchfork looks forward to seeing their present and future fans want to remind everybody to come see the show and keep it fucking heavy!!
Proud to be FUCKING Heavy Core!
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