Who Registers
This section is not for someone who wants to just visit the site. The only users that need to register are those wishing to put content on the website. If you are not planning on contributing anything to the site please do not register. We will remove any users that have not placed any content on the site within two weeks of registeration.

General Rules
Copyrighted material is only permitted with the express consent of the copyright holder. We don't want any shit from the FEDS, so please don't submit anything you don't own.

Simply fill out the form on the right, optional fields are indicated with (**) next to the field title, everything else is required. When you are happy with the cool information you have posted just click that old submit button and away she goes. After the submission is complete you will be able to use the Artist Administration section to edit your entries and post all of the cool stuff you want the world to see.

What NAME do I use?
Please use the name of the band or the name you want you work displayed under. There is only one name assoicated with you work. This is not your personal name unless thatís what you want.