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ADHD Records A site with many artists resources, links, and other information. Robert Hits: 404

AFB Promotions AFBPromotions since 1996 has been dedicated to aiding, supporting and promoting independent music of all genres for free. Site includes resources, information, promotional help, tourdate boards and much more! TDP Hits: 310

American Records This is the real weblink where slayer/system of a down etc lives scurrysteve Hits: 238

Angelkill Official bloodstained page for Underground Metal's legendary Angelkill. Black Death Metal from Iowa since 1988. Blakk Hits: 265

Bands Back Stage A promotional site for Indie Bands: Promote, Upload, Listen! TDP Hits: 306

Bands Thriving on Fans Independent music site dedicated to the promotion and support of unsigned bands. NDMuse Hits: 280

Best Instruments Find the BEST instruments and music content at BEST-Instruments.com Sid Hits: 418


Bob Evans Music Bob Evans Music - Original Blues Rock, Pop and guitar music by singer songwriter and guitarist Bob Evans, buy CDs online. Robert Evans Hits: 295

Bulldog Trash Basket Produtions All ages punk brought to you by angry little punks like you. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 273

CANCERSLUG Throw away all your MISFITS and DANZIG records, make way for CANCERSLUG! Casey Wilson Hits: 272

Charles Piano sheet music Hugh collection of sheet music, free piano sheet music downloads and music resources Charlie Hits: 347

Chicago Metalworks Radio Chicago based internet radio station broadcasting pure hardcore metal & death 24/7. We are also focussed on the underground metal scene and a great supporter of Heavycore.net. Mark A Smith Hits: 351

CINCY METAL Covers the local Cincinnati Metal scene. Very well put together site. lot's of information on local bands and venue's TDP Hits: 339

Cold Meat Industry Record label out of Sweden. Very good source for industrial. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 212

Controlled Bleeding - Official Website Via Tone Casualties featuring their latest release. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 257

Controlled Bleeding - Unofficial Fan Site The best unofficial Controlled Bleeding reference site. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 237

Controlled Bleeding on MySpace Latest happenings - new releases - contact Paul - hear new music Malignant Tumor Hits: 271

Crotchduster Official Website A very entertaining musical adventure! Check out their 'Big Fat Box of Shit'. They have a couple of MP3s to download. G D Fester Hits: 253

DIRTY HALL PROMOTIONS DIRTY HALL PROMOTIONS http://dirtyhallpromotions.tk Band Promotion, booking, networking for southern illinois and st. louis area Darren Hall Hits: 285

DIVERSIFIED UNION Music for the masses!! Billy Koon Hits: 236

Earache Records One of the early purveyors of extreme music that became well known. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 234

GEMM - The Global Electronic Music Marketplace If you're looking for hard to find out of print music (especially vinyl) this is the place to go. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 235

GGFH Official Website The site is back up in all of its sickening glory. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 288

GirlParts Band on MySpace The Hottest Rock Band out of Atlanta, GA. See pics, hear music!!! Patrice Hits: 373

HeadBangers Delight The ultimate site for buying any kind of metal music merchandise. They sell Ts, and flags, and numerous other items. PUSWART Hits: 277

HEAVY CORE When bands sign up that aren't Heavycore material - we politely tell them to fuck off! The Death Priest Hits: 280

Hjallarhorn We are Hjallarhorn and we play Heavy Metal! Visit our official website. Dani Nilsen Hits: 209

HOMAGE TO CELTIC FROST This is the official Celtic Frost site. Find out anything you want to know about the mighty Frost. PUSWART Hits: 218

Hospital Productions Another source for experimental, noise, and industrial. New Controlled Bleeding 'Shanked and Slithering' released here. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 215

Hydra Head Records Pelican amongst others can be found here. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 219

Imagine That A new twist on open mic night. Site also offers experienced sound/light services for gigs. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 245

INDYNYL Indy, Indiana rock band. TDP Hits: 269

Inhabitense metal music with a groove,band photos,bio and more. Rob Hits: 261

Local Band Network Information about local bands from around the US. John Fitzgerald Hits: 364

Lokal Loudness This is a site for everything happening in the local music scene in Augusta GA. Lokal Loudness is an old Fan 'Zine that has moved into the 21st century and gone online. A great spot for local music. PUSWART Hits: 253

LoveLost Records Set Ablaze amongst other bands can be found here. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 250

Low-Twelve Low Twelve rolls on in the face of adversity and waves the metal flag high and proud. Proud to be a member of Heavycore. Death Priest Hits: 340


MagMusic Recording Instrumental, Soundtrack style music. Tom Baker Hits: 305

Metal Blade Records Metal Site Christian Rebel Hits: 235

Militia Promotions Militia Promotions is a promotional company dedicated to bringing more awareness to the music of unsigned bands by taking their music to the masses. Bands who sign up with us will have their music promoted all over the United States through a series of street and e teams, they will also be offered the opportunity to participate in our Militia Promotions Underground Movement compilation cd's The Death Priest Hits: 288

Moribund Records A site for the devils metal. A pretty cool looking site. PUSWART Hits: 358

MT3 A free MP3 original music site featuring Paul Lemos of Controlled Bleeding The Malignant Tumor Hits: 275

Music CD and DVD Reviews From Rikks Revues. Indie music news, artist resources and much more!! Rikk Hits: 257

Necrodemon Official Site Light Hating death Metal for the Elite! Rob Elliott Hits: 258

Nightpiper Productions Portland, OR. based music promotion and booking company featuring information on many local acts, clubs and upcoming events. TDP Hits: 239

NME666 Home of the lengendary NME!!! 'Kill the nomad interceptor' The Death Priest Hits: 309

Official Acheron Website The official website of the evil Acheron the Devil's favorite band. Pure evil and antichristian metal at it's finest. PUSWART Hits: 221

Official Controlled Bleeding Website prolific and diversely talented musician Paul Lemos continues the efforts of his band - Controlled Bleeding with the introduction of the CB URL The Malignant Tumor Hits: 233

Official Prophecy Web Domain! BRUTAL DEATH METAL DONE TEXAS STYLE! James of Prophecy Hits: 244

Proven Delusion Proven Delusion recordings created by Peter Kitch and bandmate Brian Toney. ... Peter Kitch Piano improvizations and Acoustic Guitar compositions. ... ENJOY! Peter Kitch Hits: 248

RELLIK Home page of USA/PA thrashers RELLIK Robert Piperno Hits: 305

Resistance Records A great music and propaganda site. PUSWART Hits: 370

Rotten Records.com This is the home of D.R.I.,Goatwhore and Acid Bath just to name a few. PUSWART Hits: 242

Seattle Metal Online Dedicated to the Seattle, WA Metal scene. A ton of information on the local metal goings-on. The Death Priest Hits: 267

ShitSeed This is the first official Shit Seed site by the original members and founders. Dedicated to evil and comedy and stuff. Chris Reid Hits: 251

Signify by I Home page for hardcore/alt-metal band Signify by i ryan c. Hits: 252

Singer Songwriter An online resource for singer songwriters TDP Hits: 336

Skinless Alive Grind Gore Webzine Maggotized Worm Worm Hits: 224

So Musical! - The Definitive Music Directory The largest collection of quality music sites on the internet. Puswart Hits: 237

SOUL BASEMENT Considered one of the best european neo soul realities... Born Soulurbans Hits: 201

South Jersey Undergorund This site will support/promote any type of band in the punk, hardcore or metal scene in and around South Jersey scene. Things to do in South Jersey other than shows will also be listed. The Death Priest Hits: 302

Southern Lord Records Great metal site: Check out PROBOT: It Fuck'en Rocks Christian Rebel Hits: 291

Stratum Female fronted Deathcore from IL Jayson Adair Hits: 207

Tenacious D - Official Website It's The Greatest Band on Earth (aside from Basement Autopsy) - It's the Fuckin' D lustmord69@aol.com Hits: 263

The Accused- Official Website Martha and the whole gang. New shows, merchandise, and downloads. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 277

The Ataris Official This is a band from Anderson IN that just got signed to Columbia. The singer used to play in my band at one time. PUSWART Hits: 293

The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show A web radio show broadcasting from several stations. Focussing the underground metal scene and a great supporter of Heavycore.net. Tune in to one of the stations via the web site. Gramie Dee Hits: 337

The Gourds Music for the unwashed and well read. blog Hits: 564

The Indie Bible Lists 8500 places to gain exposure for your music. ALL genres covered! David Wimble Hits: 427

The Internet Archive Great resource for public domian audio and video. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 229

The White Stripes Rock 'n' Roll Supreme! Rebar Hits: 248

Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive Good source for tabs and Guitar Pro files The malignant Tumor Hits: 170

Willowtip Records Arsis & Necrophagist amongst others can be found here. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 410

www.myspace.com band web site ragen gagen Hits: 242

Zero Moon Another source for experimental, noise, electronic, improvised. Some free mp3 downloads available. The Malignant Tumor Hits: 297

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