TITLE: Black
Type: Goth Punk Metal????
Downloads: 407
Avg Rating: 5
Votes: 1
Size KB: 4,333.16
Title track for the film of the same name! To be ready for screening in Nov. We hope!

TITLE: Hookers and Caviar
Type: Metal?
Downloads: 314
Avg Rating: 5
Votes: 2
Size KB: 4,764.23
Pleasures of the flesh. No love left!

TITLE: I Bleed
Type: Experimental, Metal, Other
Downloads: 110
Avg Rating: 5
Votes: 2
Size KB: 4,962.00
This was lyrically written in the coarse of a break up. Ever had someone fuck with your head. Play the love game? Believe me game? I love you so much game? Show you different game? Ever Bleed from the inside out?

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