TITLE: Gammich
Type: Metalcore
Downloads: 102
Avg Rating: ---
Votes: 0
Size KB: 6,187.25
Prejudging people

TITLE: Decaying Plane
Type: Prgternative Blackdeathcore
Downloads: 90
Avg Rating: ---
Votes: 0
Size KB: 1,713.10
Relationship gone bad

Type: Death Metal
Downloads: 87
Avg Rating: 4
Votes: 4
Size KB: 4,076.00
Being kicked when you are Down

Referring to: Down
NAME: Lesser Know
EMAIL: LesserKnow@yourbandsucks.com
DATE: 7/1/2004 4:26:33 PM
I think maybe you should have forced yourselves to hold back a while longer. Maybe you could call back your old bands, if you ask nicely, they might take you back. Just a thought. The drummer is awesome though... He's a real drumming machine
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