TITLE: Flatline
Type: Industrial Metal
Downloads: 451
Avg Rating: 5
Votes: 3
Size KB: 6,703.17
Fourth release from the upcoming album 'Short Attention Span Theatre' and will be the LAST INTERNET posted song until the album is available.

TITLE: Cemetery Dance
Type: Industrial Metal
Downloads: 356
Avg Rating: 5
Votes: 3
Size KB: 8,342.35
New song from the upcoming album SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE

TITLE: Declaration of War
Type: Industrial Metal
Downloads: 410
Avg Rating: 4.75
Votes: 4
Size KB: 7,878.68
New music!!! Since new stuff is not effected by our lawsuit against our record label for breach of contract, we can finally post stuff again!! Please enjoy and more is on the way!!!For more music and info about Eroded Pride, please visit us on myspace.com or our website: www.erodedpride.comThank you for listening and spreading the EROSION

Referring to: Flatline
EMAIL: puswart@viciousenterprises.net
DATE: 12/20/2006 11:23:57 PM
This is one of the best and heaviest Eroded Pride songs I've ever heard. You guys have really outdone yourself on this one. I can't wait to hear the whole new album.
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